Vivek Kesaree: Backpacking in Nepal

16 May

A business development professional with a background in managing global territories, Vivek Kesaree has experience on an international level for both work and pleasure. An avid traveler, Mr. Kesaree has backpacked through 35 countries, including Nepal, Peru, and Burma.

Backpacking in Nepal brings to mind colorful images of Tibetan Buddhist monks, the towering Himalayas, and inhabitants living at some of the highest altitudes on earth. Backpackers must plan with care when traveling on foot through the country’s rugged terrain.

Health precautions include inoculations against malaria, typhoid, and cholera. Since water is not safe to drink, visitors need to drink bottled water. Travelers find a variety of accommodations when visiting cities, like Kathmandu. With lodging available throughout Nepal, the country suits hikers and backpackers. The Nepal Tourism Board welcomes questions about places to stay in Nepal’s different regions.

Once backpackers make all the necessary arrangements, they find a wealth of activities to do and places to see when they travel through Nepal. Sights include historical and exotic Kathmandu with its cross-section of temples, museums, and modern attractions. More out-of-the-way, Bhaktapur maintains 17th-century Nepalese charms and history. Nature lovers enjoy spending time in the Nagarjun Forest Reserve.


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