Vivek Kesaree: the Mission of Nonprofit Kalani

19 Jun

Sales and business development professional Vivek Kesaree was previously global account manager at Google- and Sequoia Capital-held Meraki Networks in San Francisco. Mr. Kesaree has displayed his support for culture and the arts by volunteering at Kalani, a retreat center on the big island of Hawaii.

Founded with a vision of serving as a haven for the arts, Kalani hosts authors, dancers, yoga, and massage experts to its Big Island retreat center in Pahoa, Hawaii. Among Kalani’s many distinctive features, heritage sites welcome visitors with traditions that are hundreds of years old. The nearby sites of the heiau temple, the halau school, and the coastal trails are preserved by the Hawaii State Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Director and founder Richard Koob leads Kalani with a clear vision of the nonprofit 501(c)(3) center’s mission. Guests who attend workshops and edu-vacations experience fun, wellness, nature, and culture in an educational retreat environment.


Vivek Kesaree: Backpacking in Nepal

16 May

A business development professional with a background in managing global territories, Vivek Kesaree has experience on an international level for both work and pleasure. An avid traveler, Mr. Kesaree has backpacked through 35 countries, including Nepal, Peru, and Burma.

Backpacking in Nepal brings to mind colorful images of Tibetan Buddhist monks, the towering Himalayas, and inhabitants living at some of the highest altitudes on earth. Backpackers must plan with care when traveling on foot through the country’s rugged terrain.

Health precautions include inoculations against malaria, typhoid, and cholera. Since water is not safe to drink, visitors need to drink bottled water. Travelers find a variety of accommodations when visiting cities, like Kathmandu. With lodging available throughout Nepal, the country suits hikers and backpackers. The Nepal Tourism Board welcomes questions about places to stay in Nepal’s different regions.

Once backpackers make all the necessary arrangements, they find a wealth of activities to do and places to see when they travel through Nepal. Sights include historical and exotic Kathmandu with its cross-section of temples, museums, and modern attractions. More out-of-the-way, Bhaktapur maintains 17th-century Nepalese charms and history. Nature lovers enjoy spending time in the Nagarjun Forest Reserve.

Study Finds Drop in Indian Infant Mortality By Vivek Kesaree

19 Mar

A report by the Indian government in early 2012 found that the rate of infant mortality throughout India continued to drop in 2011. According to Registrar General of India, overall infant mortality dropped to 47 deaths per 1000 live births.

According to the report, there remains a discrepancy between urban and rural areas. Infant mortality rates in rural India stood at 51 deaths per 1000 live births, a drop of four points from the previous study. The rate in urban areas also dropped, to 31 deaths per 1000 live births, a reduction of three points.

Some states reported significantly lower infant mortality rates as compared to the country as a whole. For example, the State of Goa registered just 10 deaths per live 1000 live births. The highest rate was reported in Madhya Pradesh, with 62 deaths per 1000 live births.

Although India continues to make strides in this area, the nation still lags many other countries. According to the United Nations Populations Division, India ranked 150th out of 194 nations.

About Vivek Kesaree: A Global Account Manager with Meraki Networks, Vivek Kesaree and his family have contributed significant funds to Bapuji Hospital in Davengere, India, including a pre-natal care program that promotes healthy pregnancies for women from rural villages.

A Profile of the San Francisco SPCA By Vivek Kesaree

14 Jul

I assumed that a city teeming with residents who regularly work 60-hour weeks, commute 2 hours a day, and spend most of their leisure time looking for parking would be void of any real pets. It wasn’t until I read that San Francisco is one of the top ten dog-friendly cities in the US that I noticed the many dog parks nestled throughout the city’s tight neighborhoods. I started volunteering at the SPCA for a few days a month while nursing my own fantasy of life with a dog. In 2006, I adopted my dog from the San Francisco SPCA.

A charitably supported nonprofit founded in 1868, the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SFSPCA) is devoted to caring for, saving, and protecting dogs and cats. Additionally, the society endeavors to educate the community in such responsible practices as neutering and spaying to control the population of neglected animals in the greater Bay Area. In general, the mission of the SFSPCA is to enhance the quality of life for animals and their human companions.

Relying solely on donations from member supporters, the SFSPCA provides services such as humane education, public dog-training instruction, animal-assisted therapy, and the provision of medicine. In addition, it has recently constructed the Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center. During 2010, the shelter assisted in the care or adoption of more than 1,500 dogs and 3,200 cats.

The SFSPCA also has a no-kill policy. This means that no dog or cat will ever be euthanized. This is not the case in many parts of California and the US. In fact, volunteers often drive to other shelters located far away, and often at their own personal expense, to rescue animals and bring them to places such as SFSPCA so that their lives will be spared. My dog was one of these dogs. For more information on this caring and dedicated nonprofit, visit

About the author: A business development professional, Vivek Kesaree is a supporter of the San Francisco SPCA.

An Overview of San Francisco’s Club Nautique By Vivek Kesaree

8 Jun

Recipient of the U.S. Sailing Prosser Award for outstanding sailing instruction, San Francisco’s Club Nautique has provided aspiring sailors with power boating and sailing lessons since 1980. The club maintains a charter trawler and sailboat fleet of over 45 boats and offers beginner to advanced offshore training, club activities and facilities, yacht sales, and more.

Individuals with an interest in sailing do not need to become club members; however, membership carries a number of added benefits. For the convenience of its members, Club Nautique provides several levels of membership that differ primarily in the type or amount of inclusive instruction. Higher-level memberships can include reduced rate access to entry-level training boats and resale privileges. All memberships include a 40% concession on yacht charter rates, access to numerous social cruises, clinics, and seminars, opportunities to cruise worldwide, and more.

Club Nautique has two locations in the San Francisco Bay Area including one at the Ballena Isle Marina in Alameda and a second at the Clipper Marina in Sausalito. Complete information about Club Nautique can be accessed at

About the author: A technology industry professional, Vivek Kesaree enjoys time spent as an experienced nautical enthusiast and a member of Club Nautique.